Separation can affect our emotional and physical well being.  It can affect the way we feel, think and act about ourselves and towards others.

Everyone who is involved in separation will experience it differently.  Feelings can range from anger, shock and denial, and depression and/or isolation.  These feelings can affect people differently at various times and may arise months or years after separation.

It is important to be aware of your feelings following separation and to seek support from family, friends and professionals such as your local doctor, counsellors and psychologists.

Do not be frightened to ask for professional help as family and friends, although well intended, may not have the expertise to help you with how you are feeling, or your problem.

There are a number of helpful organisations that can provide you with counselling, support and information such as Anglicare SA (Ph: 8131 3410), Centacare (Ph: 1300 138 070), Relationship Australia (Ph: 1300 364 277), Lifeline (Ph: 131 114), Mensline (Ph: 1300 789 978) and Parent Helpline (Ph: 1300 364 100).

Please feel free to contact us about the services that may be available to you following separation.